News & Updates

News & Updates

Stay informed about the latest news, updates, and developments from ARD-Kavre. We are committed to sharing stories of our initiatives, achievements, and the impact we’re making in the communities we serve.

Bethanchok Narayan Child Club is a club operated at Shree Janapriya Primary School at Bethanchok-3, Kavre. The club is being led by

Shree Shanti Niketan School located in Panauti Municipality has been running its ECD classes for a few years. Despite the provision of

Shree Shanti Niketan is a secondary school located at Panauti Kavre. The school also has a child club of total 25 members.

The ECD program at Shree Bihabar School has been a great success, improving the health and safety of the children in the

Kushadevi child club is the school based child club formed for the students of Shree Kushadevi Secondary School.  Manika Humagain, the facilitator

Community school, Shree Kushadevi Secondary School is situated in a rural area in Panauti Municipality. After evaluating the area’s needs, it was