Bethanchok Narayan Child Club: A growth platform for rural community school students

Bethanchok Narayan Child Club is a club operated at Shree Janapriya Primary School at Bethanchok-3, Kavre. The club is being led by a grade 5 student, Pratik Ghimire as a chairperson. Geeta Timalsina Ghimire is the focal teacher of the child club. She facilitates holding meetings, conducting events and orienting the students of the club for the operation of the club. 

Students studying at Janapriya belong to financially and socially marginalized communities. They lack basic amenities and opportunities for growth. The students barely get engaged with co curricular activities and get opportunities to build their confidence or develop leadership skills. Bethanchok Narayan Child Club is helping to fulfill this gap by providing students with a platform to excel. 

The focal teacher shares that the students now collaborate and organize programs of their capacity such as a cultural program, oratory competition, quiz contest and plantation. She also takes us through the plants that the members of the clubs planted around the school premises. As a focal teacher, she is very proud to see her students being able to represent their clubs and school in the locality. She shares how well the students can interact with any stranger or stakeholders and introduce themselves and their schools. 

When we talked with the chairperson, Pratik Ghimire, he said joining the club had helped him speak confidently in mass. Ghimire added, “Geeta ma’am would ask me to host or provide a speech in front of all the school students during the programs organized by the club. During the initial days, I used to have a fright speaking in the mass. Now I love speaking among my schoolmates.” Ghimire is not only confident but he has also claimed to have been inspired by the fame and love he has received as the president of the club. His parents inspired him at home too. This 11-year-old boy who aims to become a doctor someday shares that he likes to get engaged in handwriting competitions, quiz contests, and other programs from his club. He says the club has taught him to love his friends, organize events, speak fearlessly, protect the environment and serve people in need. 

Another member of the club, Asmita Waiba, a grade 4 student shared that she loves coming to school and participating in several events from the club. She is a 9-year-old who likes quiz contests the most. When we asked her about her interest in the club, she shared that she can make new friends and collaborate with her seniors and juniors for different club activities. 

Adding on to personal growth and development of students, the focal teacher also added about the decision making skills, social and psychological development that students have improved by being associated with the club. She also shared about the minuting skills and program planning skills the students have developed. When we asked about the formulation process of the annual programs designed by the club, she replied, “Students participate in the program planning and formulation process. They decide the programs depending on their interest. They annually prepare a yearly plan for the activities. All the students attend a formal meeting, keep minutes and design the programs according to their capacity”. When we asked about the implementation of those programs, she shared that the focal teacher and other faculties would facilitate and orient them to help the program be conducted well.

Bethanchok Narayan Child Club is situated at a school in a rural community with minimal resources and opportunities. The club serves as a platform for students to enhance the necessary skills apart from formal education. We get a moment of satisfaction to see the students grow and develop themselves.