ECD Support – Shree Bihabar School

The ECD program at Shree Bihabar School has been a great success, improving the health and safety of the children in the early childhood development (ECD) classroom and fostering a positive learning environment.

Before the program was implemented, the ECD classroom at Bihabar School was in dire need of improvement. The floor was bare and concrete, and the few books and materials that were available were scattered haphazardly around the room. The ECD teacher for 7 years at Shree Bihabar School, Shova Sapkota shared that it used to difficult for the children to focus on their work and created a chaotic atmosphere that was not conducive to learning.

However, due to generous support of ECD materials such as round table, carpets and bookshelves, the ECD classroom at Bihabar School has been transformed. Bright and colorful carpets now cover the floor, providing a soft and comfortable place for the children to sit and play. The round tables and bookshelves are the perfect size for the young students, allowing them to sit and work comfortably without feeling cramped or restricted. The bookshelves are stocked with a wide variety of age-appropriate books and materials, providing the children with the resources they need to explore and learn. The books are organized in a way that is easy for the children to access, encouraging them to take ownership of their own learning and become more independent.

Sharing about the impact of  transformation of ECD classroom, Sapkota shares, “The impact of these changes on the children has been immediate and dramatic. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of the ECD classroom has helped to create a positive and nurturing environment where the children feel safe and supported. They are more engaged and motivated to learn, and have made significant progress in their academic and personal development.” Sapkota also shares that the students come regularly after the classroom has been transformed. Parents are also happy and the number of students have not dropped. This has also helped the teacher Sapkota to organize classrooms and manage the students.

The improvements to the ECD classroom have also had a positive impact on the health and safety of the children. The carpets provide a softer and safer surface for the children to play on, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. During the cold season, there are less chances that students catch cold after the carpet has been set up. The round tables and comfortable mats are ergonomically designed to support the developing bodies of the children, helping to prevent discomfort and fatigue.

Overall, the ARD program at Bihabar School has been a huge success, making a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of the children in the ECD classroom. The provision of carpets, bookshelves, and round tables has created a learning environment that is conducive to student growth and development, and has improved the health and safety of the children. The children at Bihabar School are now better equipped to succeed in their academic pursuits and reach their full potential.