Report-Prize Distribution at Janapriya

Association for Rural Development
Quality Education and Livelihood Support Programme
Event Report

Date: 27th November 2022
Field: Shree Janapriya Primary School, Bethanchok-2
Name: Bidhya Neupane Designation: Intern

Event Title: A Sports and Prize Distribution Program organized in Shree Janapriya Primary School in collaboration with Bethanchok Narayan Child Club and ARD remarking the World Children’s Day on 27th November 2022


Students’ growth and development are greatly helped by participation in sports. They support the improvement of both physical and mental fitness. A student develops various abilities, experience, and confidence through involvement in sports and games, all of which are beneficial for the development of their personality. Concerning this notion, a child club at Janapriya Primary School organized a Sports Program for its students from ECD to grade 5 levels in collaboration with ARD on 27th November 2022. This program was conducted remarking World Children’s Day.

This program was designed for all the students of Shree Janapriya Primary School from grade ECD to Grade 5. The sports included locally played games because students were familiar to the games and the games were selected on the basis of capacity of students in each grade. The class teachers served as referee for each sports and students were both players and audiences.

The objective of the event

  • To support on physical and mental health of students studying in Shree Janapriya Primary School by organizing a sports activity for students of all levels and distributing stationery as prizes.


A sports program was held among the students of each grades at Shree Janapriya Primary School. The program was held within the school premises on 27th November, 2022 (Mangsir 11, 2079 BS). The program included different games for students of each classes. For the students studying at ECD levels, a race was held to recognize their school bags. The students from grade 1 played Spoon and Marble Race while the students on grade 2 played a game where they had to race and fill a container full of water by the help of spoon. Similarly, the students from grade 3 played a Sack Race. The students form grade 4 and 5 competed together to play a musical chair.

The program was chaired by the chairperson of Bethanchok Narayan Child Club, Pratik Ghimire. The focal teacher of the child club, Geeta Timalsina hosted the program. The program was initiated with a welcome remarks from the principal of Shree Janapriya Primary School, Dilip Kumar Timalsina. The teachers helped in facilitating and managing the students. Officers Sajana Acharya and Jamuna Sapkota along with Intern Bidhya Neupane represented ARD in the program.

After the program was officially inaugurated, the first game for the sports began with the students from ECD class. All the students participated in a race to recognize their school bags. Purnima Gole secured the first position followed by Lapsang Sintan and Rohan Tamang at the second and third positions, respectively. For the Spoon and Marble race for the students from grade 1, Subina Sintan, Supriya Sintan and Subina Waiba secured the first, second and the third position respectively. Aarati Waiba, Anjila Waiba and Samikshya Waiba secured the first, second and third positions, respectively, where they had to compete to fill a container with water by the help of a spoon. Anish Waiba secured first position, Jenish Nepal was placed at the second and Ganga Waiba secured the third position for the sack race among grade 3 students. Grade 4 and grade 5 students participated in musical chair and the top three winners were Sujal Pakhrin, Pratik Gimire and Sagar Waiba.

After the completion of sports, a prize distribution ceremony was held. The officer from ARD distributed prize to the winners from each game. The prize included copies, pencil, colors, geometry box and other stationeries. Not only winners, all the other participants were also distributed prize. ARD intern Bidhya Neupane handed prizes to grade ECD to grade 2 students while the ARD officer Jamuna Sapkota handed rest of the prizes to the students. A group photo was taken where students were looking happy and holding the prize. 

When the prize distribution ceremony ended, students were assembled in their desks and the officer from ARD delivered a motivating speech to the students. She encouraged the students to work hard and utilize the stationeries to improve their studies. She also mentioned that seeing the students happy with the stationeries made her feel glad. With her notion of inspiration and a thank you note she ended her speech. To formally terminate the program, the principal of Shree Janapriya Primary School delivered a speech. He mentioned that the students at Janapriya School are raised in a financially poor environment and lacked basic amenities for education such as pencils and copies. He stated that the stationery help from ARD will help students to fulfill their needs for education and he was thankful to ARD for their effort. The principal Dilip Kumar Timalsina ended his speech and the program was officially completed when students headed towards their classrooms with prizes in their hands and smiles on the faces.


  1. All the students present in the school on the event day participated in the sports.
  2. The students had a break from their regular curricular task and had a chance to play games which supported their physical and mental health.
  3. The provision of pirzes made students competitive.
  4. All the students including winners and non winners received prizes.
  5. The students were very happy to receive the stationery equipments as the prize.

Challenges and Learnings

  1. A few of the students were absent in the school during the event day. All the students should be preinformed about such activities beforehand so that they get inspired to attend the school.


Sports not only improve health of the students but also keep them disciplined, improve their social skills, facilitate their team working ability and develop leadership skills. This gives them a chance break the monotony from teaching learning activities and develop their mental health, too. Activities as such encourage students to remain competitive. When there is provision of prizes, students are inspired even more and this helps them motivated for any other extracurricular activities. Therefore, more of such programs can be held on special occasions.