Report- Prabesh Parajuli

Qn:1 Tell me something about you (name, age, education, interests, plans). 

I am Prabesh Parajuli. I am 18 years old. I am an active member of the Kushadevi Youth Club. I am currently staying in Panauti-1, Kavrepalanchowk. I recently completed my +2 from Shree Kushadevi Higher Secondary School. I belong to a nuclear family. I am a hardworking person with optimistic energy. I am calm even in difficult situations. My goal is to complete my study with good grades and get a job in a reputed company. It has always been my dream to build my career the best and create a reputable identity. 

Qn:2 What kind of activities did you attend during your two-week stay in Luxembourg? What did you like the most? 

I attended various activities during my two weeks stay in Luxembourg. We went to the ENAD to meet the students who receive second chances to study. We introduced ourselves to each other. Then we went for the city tour and explored Golden Queen, Church, Security Office Area, Bridge Area, and Children Youth Helping Area.  Similarly, we had an interaction about climate change. We visited the university and had a presentation about entrepreneurship. We went to the homeless people’s shelter and then went to the ENAD the interaction with the English teacher about Luxembourg and Nepal. There, we shared about the culture, education system, foods etc., which I liked the most. Similarly, we visited the biogas production area. And we participated in the Nepal Festival, had some interaction about women’s empowerment and enjoyed the welcome dance too. We went to see the organic farm, and then on the last day in Luxembourg, we celebrated our main festival i.e., Dashain with them.  

Qn:3 How did you like Luxembourg? Can you name the biggest differences you noticed and what was similar to your hometown?

Luxembourg is a small country located in Europe and is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. It has an area of nearly 2,586 square kilometres making it one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe. After visiting Luxembourg, I have found many differences between Nepal and Luxembourg. Firstly, I want to talk about the Luxembourg’s stable market system governed lightly with freedom of interest and business. It has a very developed and advanced economy, ranking to be one of the world’s highest Gross Domestic Product per capita. Similarly, the lands are plain and the infrastructures like buildings, road networks, and education system are well developed as compared to Nepal.

Qn:4 What did you learn/see in Luxembourg that you want to bring back home with you?

In Luxembourg, people value time most. So, I have learned to be punctual. They are also rich in culture and they warmly welcomed the guest. I am influenced by their greetings. Similarly. I learned about the mitigating methods for climate change. After visiting the organic farm, I realized the importance of organic fruits and vegetables and learned about how we can produce them using chemical pesticides and insecticides on our farm. 

Qn:5 How overall has this visit affected you?

I would like to thank AEIN and the ARD team for providing me with this golden opportunity. I explored beautiful Luxembourg with its diverse socio-cultural contexts and met youth and exchanged lived experiences. This journey was a landmark in my entire life as I got a chance to learn diverse values that extended my level of knowledge. I am taking all the experience back to Nepal and will disperse the knowledge to my working communities in the development and academic sector.