Report- Raj Tamang

Qn:1 Tell me something about you (name, age, education, interests, plans). 

My name is Raj Tamang. I am currently living in Mahalaxmi Municipality, Lalitpur. I am 21 years old. I completed high school recently. I am one of the members of Kushadevi YouthClub. I joined the club back in January 25th, 2021. Currently, I am the vice president of the club. I am interested in the social sector and travelling. I usually try not to miss any opportunities to work for environment preservation. I am exploring my career but I am quite confident of joining the social and development sector in the long run.

Qn:2 What kind of activities did you attend during your two-week stay in Luxembourg? What did you like the most? 

This was my first visit to a foreign land. I was very much overwhelmed. 

During the two-week stay at Luxembourg, I had interaction with my fellow mates from ENAD. It was a great pleasure knowing them and learning about their culture. While interacting with the young friends from ENAD, I reflected the education system, political scenario, government’s role, management and situation of youths in Nepal. 

I also got to meet and greet the team of AEIN. I will always remember our visits around the country and sites with the team of AEIN and ENAD mates. My days were insightful with our discussions on climate change and sustainable development. We went to visit homeless people’s shelter. This was one of the best places I visited. The effort from government to minimize poverty is admirable. At least no one needs to remain on the streets. The visit to BENU was another crucial part of the stay for me. Knowing that sustainable fashion was being practiced in Luxembourg through the technique of upcycling and reusing got me back to thinking how thrift stores in Nepal are also trying to reduce the fashion in the similar way. 

Our English class at ENAD where we literally exchanged our cultures and values remain another bests of my memories. We had talks about education, transportation, political scenario, food, language and what not. 

I really enjoyed and was very refreshed being invited to “Festival Nepal”. Our dance performance was really fun. We interacted with a lot of guests present there. We also had a Nepali meal that day. 

Apart from these, I really enjoyed the visits to Karl Marx’s birthplace, the eco-farm where people practiced organic agriculture, SOS children village, Schengen region and supermarkets. And how can I miss trying the new cuisines that I cannot name of!

There is no single moment that I liked the most. I must say, sharing Nepali culture by making Nepali cuisines and celebrating Dashain together with our dear and lovely hosts as well the AEIN and ENAD team remains on the top of all.

Qn:3 How did you like Luxembourg? Can you name the biggest differences you noticed and what was similar to your hometown?

Luxembourg was not significantly different to me from Nepal. The greatest different I observed was its infrastructural development and well organized, systematic and obedient state mechanisms. The nature, beauty and sceneries were not very much different. Both the nations are pretty small in land area yet both of the nation hold a tremendous history. Luxembourg being a developed nation is very advanced than Nepal and that’s what makes these country dissimilar.

Apart from that, how hospitable people were to us at Luxembourg always reminded me of loving people living in Nepal. I am still in touch with my host family. The education system was definitely different. I found a similarity in the efforts made by both country to achieve sustainability, but Nepal being deficient of technologies is running a little backwards. 

No matter how much similarities and differences we have, I must say I have made new friends and families for lifetime.

Qn:4 What did you learn/see in Luxembourg that you want to bring back home with you?

One of the things that I want to bring back home from Luxembourg is the liberal education system. I believe, it can create a sense of self-exploration and independency. I also believe that having such education system can make youths confident in the long run.

Other things I want to bring back home are punctuality, technological advancement, well managed state administration and the insightful memories.

Qn:5 How overall has this visit affected you?

I started the visit with all the enthusiasm I had in my life since it was my first time visiting a foreign land, and a European Nation. I was simply overwhelmed. This excitement kept me eager to engage more and learn more. I must say on top of everything my social skills have improved. By the time we left from Nepal, I learnt to adapt and socialize with new friends. I also improved my interacting abilities. I was not nervous to put on my opinion during the interaction sessions. This has definitely developed my leadership abilities. Getting to learn a new culture, have new friends, try new foods was out of my comfort zone. However, having this opportunity gave me the confidence to adapt to a new place, tackle challenges, create a bond, create a network and learn a lot of things while having fun.

Thanks to ARD and AEIN.